On January 6, 2014, ‘Kohno Associates’ and ‘Kisaragi Associates,
Yoyogi Office’ merged to start anew as ‘Jinzai & Partners’.

About COVID-19

With regard to COVID-19, our firm has taken sufficient measures such as telecommuting and staggered commuting to ensure that we can provide the same level of service to our clients as before. It is of course possible for us to meet with clients in person, and in that case, we will take all possible measures to prevent infection. On the other hand, we also have web conferencing systems, e-mail, fax, and other environments available for communication. Please feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to work together with you to overcome various difficulties, not limited to the problem of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

What’s New

2020/12/10 Home Page  Update
2020/9/18 Staff Introduction Update
2020/4/28 Posting our policy on COVID-19
2020/4/1 Greeting RENEWAL
2020/4/1 Home Page RENEWAL


2021/7/1 Due to the sudden death of Hiroshi Sudo, Seigo Kono became a new representative.
2021/7/1 Koji Asami has become a partner.
2020/4/1 Yutaka Sudo became a new representative.
2020/4/1 Makoto Kono became a new chairman.