Obtaining Rights


Agency for applications and procedures to right acquisition for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks in Japan and overseas, and consultation regarding these matters

Flow of Applications

For flow of procedures from application to right acquisition for patents, trademarks, and so on, click on the following:

– from application for patents[MORE]
– application for trademarks[MORE]
– application for utility models[MORE]
– application for designs[MORE]

Overseas-related Applications

Please enquire individually regarding applications from Japan to overseas and applications from overseas to Japan.

Handling Disputes such as Infringement of Rights, and so on

Handling Infringement of Rights

Handling cases of infringement (when suing and when being sued) of patent rights, trademark rights, copyright, and so on
– Many of these entail trial for invalidation or patent search.
– A specialist lawyer is contacted as required.

Agency for Handling and Procedures of Appeals and Oppositions related
to Validation/Invalidation, Cancelation, and so on, of Patents, and so on

Many of these involve infringement of rights

Search Business

Searches of Prior Art, Prior Trademarks, and so on, related to Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks, and so o

These searches are performed for
– judging whether a patent application, and so on, will be patented or not
– judging whether a patented and registered right is valid or not
– judging whether one’s own company’s technology or trademark infringes rights of another company or not
– judgment of technological trends of other companies or the business field,
 and so on.